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LED mining lamp

HX-G-23 (150W lamp)

150W lamp
Material: Aluminum
Power: 150W
Light source: high power integrated LED
Chip: genuine Taiwan epstar chip
Flux: 15000Lm
Using voltage: AC220V
Driver: Top built in constant current driver
Power factor: 0.90
Energy efficiency: more than 60%
Color temperature: 2700K-8000K optional
Color index: 75
Light emitting angle: 120
Installation height: 8-12 M
Service life: more than 50 thousand hours
Installation: Lifting
Appliance type: I class
Applicable occasions: workshop lighting, shopping malls lighting, industrial and mining enterprises lighting, school classroom lighting, as well as some of the high dust, gas stations and other special occasions lighting.
Characteristic: LED light source lamp without ultraviolet radiation, no stroboscopic, is a natural eye protecting lamp; high luminous flux, high color index, one-way light, and make full use of solar energy, energy saving and environmental protection; the cold light source, long service life, is the traditional light source life several times, during the use of maintenance free; the solid light source, explosion-proof.
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