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LED spotlights


Name: HX-SD-12
Lamp body size: diameter 120mm
Light body material: aluminum, tempered glass, stainless steel screws
Light body features: LED lamp body, integrated radiator, cooling effect is good, strong and durable, to adapt to the outdoor environment
PCB material: high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate
Light source: high brightness LED
LED number: 12 (high power 1W/, 45Lm/W)
Chip: America Xuming chip beads
Service life: more than 40 thousand hours (maintenance free)
Drive mode: isolated constant current drive
Power factor: 0.85
Use voltage: 220V
Power: 12W
Energy efficiency: more than 75%
Color index: 85
Flux value: 540Lm
Light emitting color: red light (can be customized to a variety of other colors)
Color temperature: 660nm
Projection distance: 20 meters (30 degrees)
Light emitting angle: 15 degree -60
Looking up angle: adjustable
Lens material: optical PMMA
Mounting means: the installed (expansion screw fixed to the wall or the ground can be)
Protection level: IP65 (waterproof, suitable for outdoor)
Applicable temperature: - 30 C -+60
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