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  I am a student of our university, whooften have meals in our canteen. Generally speaking, our canteen providesquite good food. However, I still have some suggestions for you to makeour canteen more popular among students。


  Here is a table, telling us an interesting phenomenon. Thereis no doubt that the table displays accidents in one Chinese city. Asis clearly depicted, drivers turning left without due care cause the mostaccidents in this city and the percentage of drivers driving under theinfluence of alcohol enjoys the biggest rise in 2005. Obviously, thedifference manifested by the table should be given more concern。

  A thought-provoking dialogue between themother elephant and her own child appears in the first picture. Having growinghis teeth, the young elephant is eager to share the exciting news with hismother. However, after repeating his words several times, there is still noresponse coming from the mother. Meanwhile, the attractive caption in thesecond photo reads: no trade, no kill。

  Li Ming

  Accordingly, it isimperative for us to take drastic measures. For one thing, we should appeal tothe authorities to make strict legislations to severely punish those who deliberatelyspoil the interests of online customers. For another, we should enhance theawareness of residents that rational purchasing is conducive to ourincome management. Only in this way can we maximize the merits and minimizethe demerits of online purchasing。



  大作文图片类型:1. 柱形图; 2. 曲线图、统计表格、饼形图



  预测话题包括:1. 网络类(网购、微博、微信等新现象);2. 抽象品质类(梦想与行动、创新、 坚持等)3. 环境类(交通状况、动物/资源保护、节约型社会等)



  预测话题包括:1. 网络类(网购、微博、微信等新现象);2. 环境类(交通状况、动物/资源保护等)

  Studying it further, it is easy tofigure out that taking actions is the only way to fulfill our dream. Ourcountry, for example, has developed rapidly in terms of economy andscience and technology. We have accomplished in about two decades what otheremerging countries used to achieve in a century. There is no denying that itis the perseverance and taking actions that really realize the promise theymade. If you never take action to do something, you will never have achance to win. For example, a great number of students choose to take partin the National Entrance Exam for master’s degree. However, those who dreamedof becoming the postgraduates without taking any actions are even tremble atthe thought of taking the exam, most of them are escaping the classroom whenthe first exam is over。


  The objective of the drawer is to show usthat utmost attention should be paid to shopping online, which has exertedprofound impact on the daily life of the average individuals. We can easilyrecognize its advantages as follows: e-commerce, which is extremely convenient, can save us a great amount ofprecious time and we can buy products everywhere we want as long as we can surfonline. However, for all the advantages mentioned above, online trading isby no means without its limitations as listed below: we may be cheated bysome online retailers, which might be a potential threat to our bank accounts。


  The abovepictures unveil a hazard posed to wildlife due to the expandingscale of world commercial hunting. At least two fundamental factors couldcontribute to this phenomenon. The industry of commercial hunting haveundergone a booming expansion (along with the growing public awareness of themerits of wildlife, which makes/), making hunting unusually profitable. Worsestill, lacking knowledge regarding the significance of ecological balance,

  Isincerely thank you for inviting me to dinner in yourhouse next Sunday。


  Suppose you have accepted Mr. Zhang’s invitation todinner, but you have to change your plan for some reasons. Write a letter inabout 100 words to make an apology to him。

  There is no doubt that it describes acommon phenomenon in our society that trafficproblems are more and more severe and what might trigger this affair? (For mypart, the following two are of utmost importance。) Forone part, the general public have failed to realize the importance of abiding bythe traffic regulations and laws(and a bigdeal of the attention  have been distracted by the so-called“great affair”). Once somedrivers easily disregard the traffic signals, so do other drivers who intend toobey the laws. Moreover, the current state of affairs depictedin the drawing, may have been encouraged, though not justified, by the lack ofsevere legal penalty. If someone does disorderly parking ordrives under the influence of alcohol, the punishment is not so harsh that thedrivers could afford to learn a heavy lesson from the fine as to never do itagain . (If we let this situation continue as it is, ultimately,our society will suffer a great destruction。)

  saw a substantial gain from approximately 800 billion in 2011 to

  (Common asit is, it has deep implication). As isvividly shown in the cartoon, at least five patients are staying in onehospital who are injured because of jay-walking, driving after drinking anddisregarding of the laws. If we take a closer watch, it is of littledifficulty to find that one police is patiently explicating thetraffic laws to one injured person, standing at a wheel chair which is pushedby one nurse。

  In a word, only when the government and the common people make joint effortscan we hope to find a satisfactory solution to protect wildlife.  

  What is subtly demonstratedin the above drawing is that in front of a desktop sits a fashionablelady who is staring at the screen with shocked expression wearing on cheeks andhuge sweat dropping from her forehead. What is spit from the computer is thelengthy Alipay bill, which can almost be spread as long as two meters. Thecaption above reads that you should keep away from Taobao and cherish yourincome.  

  To begin with, I wonder whether you could provide more varieties of food. We do nothave many options when eating in our canteen now. To continue, somestudents have complained about the price of the food there, would you please


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  It isadvisable for us to take steps to reverse this current evil trend. On one hand,we should cultivate the awareness of people that everyoneneeds to reflect on his or her uncivilized conducts and strengthen hisself-discipline. On the other hand, it is high time thatmore severe and sound laws and regulations should be introduced to harness andcurb this matter. Only in this way, can we crack the hard nut and embrace abright future。


  In a word, I believe, just like ForrestGump said: “Life is like a box of chocolates:you neverknow what you’re gonna get. ” Unless you have theawareness that action speaks louder than the word。

  lower it down?


  as the population grows, people consume much more naturalresources, which often leads to excessive hunting. To continue, withthe increase of human activities, modern people take up more andmore space, which has an undesirable impact on other species. Finally,

  大作文预测话题二:抽象品质类(梦想与行动、创新、 坚持等)

  Dear Mr. Zhang,

  大作文话题类型:1. 社会现象类; 2. 抽象品质及社会问题类


  Wise people used to say that taking actions is ofutmost significance in our daily life. This is most vividly illustrated in thegiven picture, which shows that two young boys both holding guitar are playing different lifesituations. The boy on the left is daydreaming about the day he gives a perfectconcert and is admired by all the fans, while the boy on the right ispracticing the guitar and singing skill persistently。

  Yours sincerely,

  some people take the gun to chase animals insatiably (and thus cause asevere threat to all life in the world). Apparently, this trend will surelyin turn endanger humankind in the long run。

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